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In the year 2000 I realized that Diablo II is way cooler than Freddy Fish.

I don't usually play first person games because in 2002 Arx Fatalis happened to me, and right after that - Might&Magic IX. I am scarred for life.

My favourite game of all time is Neverwinter Nights. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Hollow Knight are right behind <3 The game that resonated with me the most is Night in the Woods. What a shock.

Favourite genre - CRPG, RPG and their derivatives. I get ecstatic when I see things like "+0.2% critical chance". Patry management? A whole bunch of character traits and stats? Count me in. Throwing throws for charisma and luck all day every day.

I don't play horror games but watch a great deal of playthroughs on YouTube. Can't sleep for days afterwards but oh well. If I played them, I probably would have to abandon the idea of sleep altogether.

Oh, and other things I don't play: fashionable Battle Royales, MOBAs, Rainbows, and other session-based time-killers with an inevitable social element. I am not saying they are bad at all, I just don't fine them relaxing, quite the opposite, actually. I played a fair share of Overwatch and I am now in rehab, healing my soul with singleplayer games. Sometimes I play coop games with friends, those are fun!

I love indie games. You never know what you can find.

I believe that games are meant to be played for fun. That's how I play them anyway.

Welcome to the Lair.

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One day I'll start streaming in English too, I promise.

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What is appreciated

  • Share your experience. Don't be shy to talk about your take on a game or event, even if your opinion does not coincide with mine or with the opinions of other people from the comments. We are all snowflakes, and our experiences are unique.
  • Common sense. Always use it. ALWAYS.
  • Questions. If you'd like to ask me something about the thing I touched upon in any of my posts - go ahead. I'll do my best to answer.

What is not appreciated and is even severely punished (!)

  • Any kind of shitstorm in the comments - both starting and fueling. The Internet is full of this garbage - if you want to throw a tantrum in the comment section, go find someplace else and leave the Lair alone. We are here for the heartwarmth, videogames and friendship.
  • Racism, sexism, any kind of discrimination and shameful "-isms". If you are leaving a comment or replying to anybody, make sure that you do it with respect.

About crutique

  • If you want to critique, employ all respect and common sense you've got. Critique, especially constructive critique, is a tough thing, so make sure you do it responsibly.
  • If you have any suggestions or additions to the post - same rules apply.
  • I am not a native speaker of English, so from time to time you will find funny phrases and sentences and possibly even grammar mistakes. Fret not! I know that no amount of studying will make me a native; however, I like to learn. If you have spotted something that sounds weird to you, leave a comment with an explanation how to make it better or contact me. I will be most grateful.


Respect and common sense. Insult no one, express your opinion, communicate with other people, and everything will be splendid. Thank you for reading the Lair!

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