Cats Organized Neatly

Cats Organized Neatly is a 2D puzzle game from a small German studio DU&I; it was released alongside Virtual Cottage this year. The game is a type of tetris: you have a grid that you need to fill with cats of all shapes and sizes so no open space remains.


I noticed this title on the Autumn Festival 2020, it captivated me by the simplicity of the concept and the warmth of the artstyle. And cats! Sometimes I long for something relaxing to play: just listen to music on the background, think lighter thoughts. The game has 80 levels of various difficulty, it becomes gradually more challenging as you progress and open cats of unusual... stature. Each cat has its name and a little characteristic - these are either developers' cats or cats of their friends and family, so you can say that the game is based on real cats!

I wanted to keep my memories of this charming game on the blog because it's so purrfect. I streamed it and had a blast while my chat was facepalming at my puzzle-solving abilities, it was a lot of fun. If you want a simple and cozy game to relax, Cats Organized Neatly is your choice.


Playtime - 5.5hrs

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